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-About Les-

Les Walker, who was born in upstate New York (near Watkins Glen--in the Finger Lake Region), was raised and went to school in Indianapolis-- graduating from Butler University (B.S. 1963, M.S., 1964) 

After his four year Air Force service commitment, he had planned to return to Indiana and teach at the secondary level. However, all his plans were changed as his first duty assignment was Tucson!!! 

Consequently, he made a career change and remained as long as he could with the Air Force in Tucson. Of course, the Air Force had other plans for the next 21 years and Les finally returned to Tucson and has been in the housing locating business since 1987--helping thousands of folks to meet their housing needs. 

Les is married with two grown children living in Albuquerque. Besides church activities, he is busy with a year-round garden (specializing in citrus trees), racquetball and working out, fishing and property management. As a licensed real estate broker, he is governed by the rules and regulations of the Arizona Department of Real Estate and the Arizona Corporation Commission.


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